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Channel 4 is a British public-service free-to-air television network that began transmission on 2 November 1982. Although largely commercially self-funded, it is ultimately publicly owned; originally a subsidiary of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA)

United Kingdom

TV guide - Saturday, 14/12/19

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
(2013) Jennifer Lawrence stars in part two of the dystopian fantasy drama. Victory only leads to greater mortal danger for Katniss Everdeen. With Donald Sutherland.
Come Dine with Me
South east London. This Christmas competition starts with model agency boss Jules Hobbs putting on an evening of 'Glitz & Glamour', which includes 'Santa's Cheeky Lobster Surprise'. (Ep1/5)
Come Dine with Me
South east London. The festive competition continues and eccentric banker Tom Judge goes old-school with a Dickensian-themed Christmas, including a Mr Fizzy Wigs punch. (Ep2/5)
Come Dine with Me
South east London. The third host in this Christmas competition, history buff John Stevens, plans to give his guests an authentic wartime austerity Yuletide meal. (Ep3/5)
Come Dine with Me
South east London. Kate Kershaw asks her guests to come as their favourite Christmas words. But tensions rise when they find a surprising secret in her wardrobe. (Ep4/5)
Come Dine with Me
South east London. The last host in this Christmas competition, confident Charlie Spiteri, plans oysters, champagne, and an ambitious three-bird roast. (Ep5/5)
Extreme Cake Makers
Molly attempts a mammoth build with a 100-kilo life-sized baby elephant. Phil and Christine capture the nautical charm of a prestigious hotel. Ben makes a birthday boy see double. (S3 Ep17)
The Little Penguin Pororo's...
...Racing Adventure: (2013) Animated fun for young children. A cute penguin and his pals are given sleigh-racing training by turtles who claim to be the best in the business. But are they?
The Two Hundredth Episode: Frasier celebrates his 200th radio broadcast and has tapes of every show except one. But it turns out an obsessive fan has the recording.
Sharing Kirby: Frasier and Niles befriend Kirby when they learn that his girlfriend's grandfather is a well-known wine connoisseur.
Junior Agent: Now that Frasier's agent is representing a hot new radio psychiatrist, she passes Frasier off to her assistant.
Heineken Champions Cup Rugby
The Big Tackle: Ed Jackson presents highlights of the previous round's games and takes a look ahead to this afternoon's second match in the double header between Leinster and Northampton.
The Simpsons
Lisa the Vegetarian: Lisa turns vegetarian after petting a lamb, but can't find anyone in Springfield who shares her sensibilities, except for Apu and his friends Paul and Linda McCartney.
The Simpsons
King-Size Homer: Homer tries to put on enough weight to be classified as disabled so that he can work from home.
The Simpsons
Mother Simpson: Homer's long-lost mother (guest star Glenn Close) turns up on the run from the police.
The Simpsons
Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming: Sideshow Bob escapes from prison - again - and threatens to blow up the Springfield air show.
The Simpsons
Bart's Girlfriend: Bart falls for Reverend Lovejoy's rebellious daughter (guest star Meryl Streep).
The Simpsons
Lisa's Rival: Lisa is jealous of the new smart girl at school (guest star Winona Ryder) and conspires with Bart to wreck her entry to the Dioramarama competition.
The Simpsons
Another Simpsons Clip Show: Inspired by The Bridges of Madison County, Marge sits the family down to discuss tales of love. Guest starring Michelle Pfeiffer.
The Simpsons
Itchy and Scratchyland: Bart and Lisa nag Homer into taking them to Itchy and Scratchy Land. But the Itchy and Scratchy robots go on a bloody killing spree...
The Simpsons
Sideshow Bob Roberts: Sideshow Bob gets out of prison and stands for Mayor of Springfield, intent on getting revenge on Bart.
Kirstie's Handmade Christmas
Kirstie Allsopp returns with more Christmas ideas. From makes that transform the home to indulgent food and drink, it's guaranteed to make everyone feel fabulously festive.
Jamie's Italian Christmas
Jamie Oliver heads for the snowy Alps of northern Italy to help make a delicious Christmas Day in a cosy log cabin, with negroni, tiramisu and an Italian variation on turkey plus trimmings.
Channel 4 News
Includes sport and weather.
Live Heineken Champions Cup Rugby
Leinster v Northampton: The second clash between the teams in as many weeks, as Northampton travel to Dublin to fight for access to the knockout stages against their 2011 nemesis, Leinster.
New: Britain's Wildest Weather...
...2019: An exploration of 2019's extraordinary weather, from record-breaking heat and rain to an avalanche in Wales and the Whaley Bridge dam disaster, filmed by the people who were there.
(2017) Superhero adventure starring Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen. Logan is tasked with protecting a girl who has similar abilities to his Wolverine alter-ego. Gory violence/strong language.
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay...
...Part 1: (2014) Jennifer Lawrence stars in the penultimate part of the dark action fantasy. Anti-Capitol rebels want Katniss to be their mascot, but she initially refuses. Violence.

TV guide - Sunday, 15/12/19

The Last Leg Election Special
Adam, Josh, Alex and a host of celebs and politicians analyse the election results, look back at the highs and lows of the campaign and try and make sense of it all. (S18 Ep8)
Hollyoaks Omnibus
Romeo inspires the residents of Hollyoaks to start speaking French. Yasmine is hurt after confronting Edward about Finn, while Mercedes is plagued by a mystery tormentor.
Extreme Cake Makers
Rosie battles to stay on track with a replica steam engine cake. Eloise uses nature as her inspiration. Molly creates a fairy tea party cake for a first birthday. (S3 Ep21)
Fairy Tales Can Come True: The bar holds a Halloween fancy dress party and Cliff meets the woman of his dreams, who's dressed as Tinker Bell, but panics about their first date. (S3 Ep4/25)
Sam Turns the Other Cheek: Sam unwittingly breaks his cardinal rule never to date a married woman, but he finds himself on the spot when her jealous husband suddenly appears. (S3 Ep5/25)
The King of Queens
Offtrack... Bedding: Doug goes looking for his father at a model train convention and notices his mother with a very seductive Arthur Spooner.
The King of Queens
Silent Mite: Doug loses his wallet during a Christmas shopping expedition and enlists Arthur's help to find it.
Everybody Loves Raymond
Robert Moves Back: Robert and Amy move into Ray's basement in an attempt to get some privacy, but haven't accounted for Marie...
Everybody Loves Raymond
How They Met: Ray and Debra reminisce about how they first met 15 years earlier, including the first time Ray sampled Debra's cooking.
Bully for Martin: Frasier offers his unsolicited help when Martin's boss starts acting like a bully, and Roz talks incessantly about her new love Roger.
Mother Load (Part 1/2): Just as Niles and Daphne agree to move in together, they are visited by her disruptive, conniving mother and lecherous, leeching brother.
Sunday Brunch
Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer host the Sunday food and chat show. Guests include John Barrowman and Nigel Planer. David Gray performs This Year's Love live in the studio.
The Simpsons
A Star Is Burns: Springfield launches a film festival, and Barney's haunting movie meditation on his alcoholism, 'Pukahontas', is on course to win.
The World's Greatest Kids' Films
Countdown delving into the stories behind some of the best-loved kids' films, meeting the stars, directors, producers and writers who helped create them, and exploring the genre's history.
Home Alone 3
(1997) Comedy sequel. Alex D Linz stars as a resourceful boy who's stranded at home with chickenpox when a top-secret military microchip comes his way. Can he keep it safe from four crooks?
The Spiderwick Chronicles
(2008) Fantasy adventure. Children find a secret book at their great-great-uncle's creepy home that reveals a thrilling, scary world of goblins, ogres and trolls. With Freddie Highmore.
Channel 4 News
Includes sport and weather.
New: Scotland's Scenic Railways
Through vast mountains and across open moorlands, a breathtaking look at Scotland's network - voted the world's most beautiful railway - including the spectacular viaduct from Harry Potter.
New: Jamie's Easy Christmas...
...Countdown: Jamie Oliver offers a stress-free guide to festive feasting with his foolproof masterplan for turkey, stuffing and roast spuds, veggie sides and, of course, fantastic gravy.
New: Escape to the Chateau
As autumn arrives at the chateau, Dick and Angel start a new project, turning a 35-foot eight-tonne riverboat into luxury guest accommodation, with bespoke fabrics and decking. (S6 Ep7/8)