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TV guide - Friday, 12/13/19

Oceans Apart: Art and the Pacific with James Fox
Art historian Dr. James Fox traces the momentous impact of the West's contact with the peoples and cultures of the Pacific. It's a story of exploration, encounter and exploitation.
Handmade in the Pacific
With chainsaws, adzes, and over 30 different chisels, master Maori carver Logan Okiwi Shipgood crafts a beautiful 6ft tall "pou" statue from native New Zealand timbe
Handmade in the Pacific
For Hawaiian artist Dalani Tanahy, the painstaking process of creating "kapa" - cloth made from tree bark - symbolises the resurgence o f indigenous Hawaiian pride and identity.
Ovid: The Poet and the Emperor
Michael Wood goes in search of the Roman poet Ovid. Metamorphoses made him a superstar but then came scandal and exile. His story is told in his own words, by Simon Russell Beale.
Wonders of the Solar SystemIMDB 8.8/10

In this spellbinding series Professor Brian Cox visits the most extreme locations on Earth to explain how the laws of physics carved natural wonders across the solar system.
Sounds of the 70s
Christmas University ChallengeIMDB 6.7/10

Academic quiz show which tests the knowledge of university students.
Barbra Streisand: Becoming an Icon 1942-1984 / Barbra Streisand: Geburt einer Diva 1942-1984IMDB 6.7/10

Barbra Streisand grew up in working class Brooklyn, dreaming of escape from her tough childhood. A stellar student, she resisted the pressure to go to college as her sights were firmly set on Broadway. She was determined to become an actress and landed her first role aged 16, but it was 2 years later, when she started to sing, that her career took off. Subverting stereotypes and breaking glass ceilings, Barbra Steisand: Becoming an Icon looks at her rise to stardom and the remarkable achievements of her early career. A Film by Nicolas Maupied Produced by Dominique Tibi & Cathy Palumbo A Roche Productions and ARTE France Co-Production in association with BBC Music.
Top of the PopsIMDB 6.9/10

Music magazine featuring archive footage from the Top of the Pops chat show.
Country Music by Ken Burns
Witness a vibrant era in country music, with Dolly Parton finding mainstream success; Hank Williams, Jr. emerges from his famous fathers' shadow.
Country Music by Ken Burns
Though no longer on country radio, Bluegrass still has a core of avid fans. Marty Stuart tours with Lester Flatt and sometimes with the "Father of Bluegrass," Bill Monroe. Back in his home state of Texas, Willie Nelson discovers a music scene in Austin, where a mixture of hippies and rednecks seem to get along and welcome offbeat artists like Nelson whose music becomes a hit. Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings launch the "Outlaw" movement, and Emmylou Harris bridges folk and rock with country music in a way that influences a new generation of artists.
Sisters in Country: Dolly, Linda and Emmylou
This documentary explores how Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris' careers took off in the 1970s with very distinct takes on country but how they ended up uniting as close harmony singers and eventually collaborated on 1987's 4 million-selling debut album, Trio. In the 60s country music was viewed by most of America as blue collar and Dolly was country through and through. Linda Ronstadt's take on classic country helped make her the biggest female star in mid-70s USA. Folkie Emmylou learned about country from mentor Gram Parsons and, after his death in 1973, she became a bandleader in her own right. It was Emmylou and Linda - the two west coast folk rockers who voiced their mutual appreciation of Dolly, the mountain girl singer from Tennessee, when they became early students of her work. The artists talk about uniting as harmony singers and eventually collaborating on their debut album, Trio. The album helped launch the Mountain music revival that would peak with the soundtrack to O Brother Where Art Thou. In 2012 Linda Ronstadt was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease which left her unable to sing but 2016 sees unreleased songs from their sessions to create a third Trio album. This is the story of how their alliance made them pioneers in bringing different music worlds together and raising the game for women in the country tradition. Contributors: Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Rodney Crowell, George Lucas, Peter Asher, Chris Hillman, Laura Cantrell, Robert K Oermann, John Boylan, Phil Kaufman, David Lindley, Albert Lee, Herb Pedersen, George Massenberg & Applewood Road

TV guide - Saturday, 12/14/19

Ultimate Cover Versions at the BBC
Smash hits from 60 years of really great cover versions in performance from the BBC TV archive. Reinterpretations, tributes and acts of subversion from the British Invasion to noughties X-Factor Finalist Alexandra Burke. Artists as varied as The Moody Blues, Soft Cell, Mariah Carey and UB40 with their "retake" on someone else's song - ultimate chart hits that are, in some cases, perhaps even better than the original.Arguably The Beatles alongside Bob Dylan and The Beach Boys introduced the notion of "originality" and self-generating artists writing their songs into the pop lexicon in the 60s. One of the most fascinating consequences of this has been the "original" cover version, a reinterpretation of someone else's song that has transformed it into pop gold with a shift of rhythm, intent and context. The pop cover has proved a remarkably imaginative and durable form and this compilation tracks this pop alchemy at its finest and most intriguing.
After the Screaming StopsIMDB 7.2/10

In the 1980s, "Bros" were one of the biggest bands in the world... for 15 minutes. Having sold out stadiums around the world, they were the youngest to this day to play Wembley and their "Push" album went to Number 1 in over 20 countries, selling 10 million copies worldwide. The rise and fall of Bros was meteoric. This film charts twins Matt and Luke Goss's reunion 28 years on, having hardly spoken and not played together since their split. With an incredibly fractured relationship and only 3 weeks to go until sell-out gigs at The O2 London, will they be able to put their history aside and come together as brothers to play the show of their lives? A raw and emotional look into the aftermath of fame and the reconnection between two twins torn apart by their past.
Tunes for Tyrants: Music and Power with Suzy Klein
Top of the Pops 2IMDB 7.1/10

Steve Wright presents a look back at the Top of the Pops archives, and gives asome information on the acts that have appeared over the years. Occasional "specials" are also produced.
What We Were Watching: Christmas 1988
The SinnerIMDB 8.0/10

Cora, a wife and a mother with an apparently serene life, one day is seized by a fit of rage and kills an unknown man without reason and with extreme ferocity. After Cora's confession, the lack of a motive leads Detective Harry Ambrose to investigate what happened in the psyche of the young woman.
The SinnerIMDB 8.0/10

Cora, a wife and a mother with an apparently serene life, one day is seized by a fit of rage and kills an unknown man without reason and with extreme ferocity. After Cora's confession, the lack of a motive leads Detective Harry Ambrose to investigate what happened in the psyche of the young woman.