Drama is a British free-to-air television channel broadcasting drama (and, to a lesser extent, comedy) programming in the United Kingdom and Ireland as part of the UKTV network of channels.

United Kingdom

TV guide - Friday, 13/12/19

The Heart Guy - San Francisco
Aussie drama series about a surgeon who is forced to work as a country GP. Hugh finds an unlikely test subject for his revolutionary new artificial heart.
The Heart Guy - I Don't Need Another Drink, Said Not Me Last Night
Drama series about a surgeon forced to work as a rural GP. Hugh makes an emergency visit to the city to salvage his career.
Garden Hopping - Garden Hopping (1): Ep 7
Horticultural magazine with Daphne Ledward. This edition comes from the stunning Rowden Gardens on Dartmoor, home to two national plant collections.
House of Eliott - 02/10
1920s fab fashion in the drama series cut from the same cloth as 'Upstairs, Downstairs'. Evie's affair with treasury minister Alexander Montford hits the newspapers.
Soldier, Soldier - Trouble and Strife
Military drama series about the King's Fusiliers. An accusation looks likely to blow the Stubbs family apart. However, life looks rosier for Paddy Garvey.
Soldier, Soldier - Hard Knocks
More military drama with the King's Fusiliers. Lt Kate Butler is determined to prove herself, but she is unprepared for a complicated romance.
Classic Holby City - Holding On
New. Rosie receives good news, but Mubbs does not seem interested, and Diane struggles to cope as Joanna's life hangs in the balance - along with that of her unborn baby.
The Bill - Solemn Song
Popular police drama series. Young is caught between two warring gangs and agrees to go undercover to help Thatcher nail the Radfords.
The Bill - Hope
Drama from Sun Hill. As Young places herself in serious danger, Thatcher plans to destroy Okaro's career. Ackland prepares for her wedding to Carver.
Classic EastEnders - Classic EastEnders
New. Clyde springs another surprise on Michelle.
Classic EastEnders - Classic EastEnders
New. Michelle starts arranging a way to get Clyde out of the country - but there's some unfinished business to sort out first.
Classic Casualty - Subject to Contract
A woman suffers serious pelvic injuries after being struck by a motorbike, and finds herself unable to donate bone marrow to her unwell daughter as planned.
Lovejoy - Members Only
Quirky drama with the antiques dealer. The local golf club closes ranks when Lovejoy discovers their prize cup is a fake, leading to Lady Jane's expulsion.
Bergerac - A Miracle Every Week
Drama with Jersey's top detective. A penniless Indian arrives on Jersey, claiming to be a faith healer. Soon Jim has to stop an attempt on the young man's life.
Bread - 08/03
After Butterflies, writer Carla Lane returned to her native Liverpool for this hugely popular family sitcom. Here, the Boswells receive a rather unwelcome visitor.
Are You Being Served? - Anything You Can Do
Good old-fashioned British comedy. When the standard of canteen food goes from bad to worse, the staff decide to run the canteen themselves.
As Time Goes By - White Hunter
Classic comedy. Lionel finishes his memoirs and his publisher reckons that the book really needs a picture of the author on its cover. But just what sort of picture?
Last of the Summer Wine - Happy Birthday Robin Hood
More senior silliness in the long-running sitcom. To celebrate the birthday of his famous ancestor, Robin Hood, Billy proudly wears a green suit.
Inspector George Gently - Gently Upside Down
The superb mystery series starring Martin Shaw and set in 1960s Northumberland. The body of a pop music-loving schoolgirl is found in Pinnock Woods.
New Tricks - Things Can Only Get Better
Crime drama with Amanda Redman. The team investigate the death of an MP's researcher and find themselves in hot pursuit of a mysterious Bosnian woman.
Silent Witness - Fraternity
A feature-length forensics mystery for Emilia Fox and team. The murder of a schoolgirl forces Jack to confront his troubled past, alienating him from the team.

TV guide - Saturday, 14/12/19

The Heart Guy - We Don't Need Another Hero
Aussie drama series about a surgeon forced to work as a country GP. Hugh becomes a hero after he saves a footballer from a booby-trapped paddock.
The Heart Guy - Golden Harvest
The Australian drama series about a city doctor who is forced to work as a country GP. Hugh offends everyone in Whyhope as he tries to hide his secret past.
Garden Hopping - Garden Hopping (1): Ep 7
Horticultural magazine with Daphne Ledward. This edition comes from the stunning Rowden Gardens on Dartmoor, home to two national plant collections.
Lovejoy - March of Time
Wily Lovejoy acquires a clock and discovers that the past and present honour of a regiment hang in the balance. Ian McShane stars as the charming antiques dealer.
Lovejoy - Death and Venice
First in a gripping two-part edition of the classic drama series. When Lovejoy's friend is killed in suspicious circumstances, his investigations lead him to Italy.
Bergerac - The Assassin
Detective drama from the 1980s with Jersey's resourceful policeman. Jim is summoned to a lonely castle in Brittany to meet a mysterious man named Hapgood.
Bergerac - The Lohans
John Nettles in his TV breakthrough role as the Jersey detective who always plays it by the book. Jim must guard a priceless set of porcelain figures from China.
Sharpe - Sharpe's Enemy
Liz Hurley guest stars in the Napoleonic action adventure in which buckles are certainly swashed. A beautiful noblewoman is taken hostage, and Sharpe must save her.
Catherine Cookson: The Fifteen Streets - Catherine Cookson: The Fifteen Streets
Sean Bean and Jane Horrocks star in a feature-length adaptation of the bestselling novel. What chance do young lovers have in the North East of 1910?
Rosemary & Thyme - The Cup of Silence
The duo are called to tackle a stubborn weed threatening a vineyard's entire crop, but find themselves investigating a murder when a body is discovered on the premises.
Rosemary & Thyme - In a Monastery Garden
The duo are called to a monastery to restore a herb garden in time for a royal visit - but their pruning and planting is disrupted by the discovery of a corpse.
The Brokenwood Mysteries - Dead and Buried
New. Mike and the team are reacquainted with some familiar faces when investigating a suspicious suicide at the Brokenwood Women's Prison.
Murdoch Mysteries - Shadows are Falling
New. Popular Canadian crime drama series. Murdoch and Dr Ogden must put aside dealing with a personal matter when Nate Desmond is charged with murder.
Murdoch Mysteries - Free Falling
New. Canadian crime drama series set in the the 1890s. Murdoch helps a man search for his missing wife. The Station House No. 4 team try to solve a morgue murder.