Drama is a British free-to-air television channel broadcasting drama (and, to a lesser extent, comedy) programming in the United Kingdom and Ireland as part of the UKTV network of channels.

United Kingdom

TV guide - Thursday, 12/12/19

The Heart Guy - Doctor Doctor
Australian drama about a hedonistic heart surgeon, Dr Hugh Knight, who is forced to work as a rural GP in his hometown of Whyhope. Starring Rodger Corser.
The Heart Guy - Home Sweet Home
Australian drama series about a surgeon forced to work as a rural GP. Hugh gets a shocking introduction to outback medicine when he attends a farm accident.
Garden Hopping - Garden Hopping (1): Ep 3
A horticultural magazine with Daphne Ledward. This edition comes from Barton House in the Cotswolds, where the garden is unusually devoid of flowers.
House of Eliott - 02/09
Stella Gonet stars in the much-loved period drama series. As the sisters struggle with their next collection, the General Strike of 1926 prompts unrest in the workroom.
Soldier, Soldier - Disintegration
Military drama series. Marsha Stubbs takes control of the King's Own Fusiliers' nursery for wives. Paddy Garvey's military career teeters on the brink of collapse.
Soldier, Soldier - Hide and Seek
Drama series about the men and women of the King's Fusiliers. Bernie Roberts' husband is recalled from an exercise in a moment of personal crisis.
Classic Holby City - We'll Meet Again
New. Diane faces a personal crisis that jeopardises her relationship with Owen, while Ric has to deal with the repercussions of his night with Connie.
The Bill - Wrong Side of the Fence
Iconic police drama. Murphy struggles to come to terms with her son's sexuality. Drummond and Thatcher investigate an arson attack.
The Bill - Solemn Song
Popular police drama series. Young is caught between two warring gangs and agrees to go undercover to help Thatcher nail the Radfords.
Classic EastEnders - Classic EastEnders
New. It's the fifth of November and there are unexpected visitors at the local firework display.
Classic EastEnders - Classic EastEnders
New. Why are Frank and Arthur not sleeping in their own beds?
Classic Casualty - Asking for Miracles
A construction worker is injured by a colleague who has run amok with his excavator, while a woman starts vomiting blood in the middle of a sales presentation.
Lovejoy - Kids
Drama with the raffish antiques dealer. Susan appears at a country-house auction to tell Lovejoy that their daughter has vanished. Tinker, Eric and Jane go shopping.
Bergerac - Fall of a Birdman
Crime-cracking fun with our tough-guy Jersey cop. Bergerac investigates whether the death of a stuntman during the filming of a TV commercial was an accident.
Bread - 08/02
Carla Lane's 1980s sitcom about a family of loveable Liverpudlian rogues. Freddie Boswell is reported missing. Meanwhile, Billy's love life takes a turn for the better.
Are You Being Served? - The Hero
Vintage laughs with the staff of Grace Brothers. When Captain Peacock acquires a boil in a particularly painful spot, the news is soon common knowledge.
As Time Goes By - Picnic
Two of the nation's favourite actors together in the romantic sitcom. Alistair won't take no for an answer in his pursuit of Jean. Judith, on the other hand, is after Lionel.
Last of the Summer Wine - Spores
Popular sitcom starring Peter Sallis of Wallace and Gromit fame. Lionel has a habit of being unpredictable, so when he abandons his wife in the hills she isn't too surprised.
Murdoch Mysteries - Game of Kings
New. Crime drama series set in the the 1890s. Murdoch and Brackenreid send Crabtree undercover at a chess tournament to solve the murder of a Russian chess master.
Father Brown - The Blue Cross
Mark Williams is the sleuthing cleric. When his priceless blue cross is targeted by the criminal Flambeau, Father Brown tries to save his soul.
New Tricks - Into the Woods
Dennis Lawson and Nicholas Lyndhurst take over as the veteran detectives in the crime drama. UCOS must solve an apparently perfect vanishing act.
Silent Witness - Undertone
A feature-length adventure for Emilia Fox and her team of forensic detectives. Nikki is in a race against time to prevent another death when a woman's body is found.

TV guide - Friday, 13/12/19

The Heart Guy - San Francisco
Aussie drama series about a surgeon who is forced to work as a country GP. Hugh finds an unlikely test subject for his revolutionary new artificial heart.
The Heart Guy - I Don't Need Another Drink, Said Not Me Last Night
Drama series about a surgeon forced to work as a rural GP. Hugh makes an emergency visit to the city to salvage his career.
Garden Hopping - Garden Hopping (1): Ep 7
Horticultural magazine with Daphne Ledward. This edition comes from the stunning Rowden Gardens on Dartmoor, home to two national plant collections.
House of Eliott - 02/10
1920s fab fashion in the drama series cut from the same cloth as 'Upstairs, Downstairs'. Evie's affair with treasury minister Alexander Montford hits the newspapers.
Soldier, Soldier - Trouble and Strife
Military drama series about the King's Fusiliers. An accusation looks likely to blow the Stubbs family apart. However, life looks rosier for Paddy Garvey.
Soldier, Soldier - Hard Knocks
More military drama with the King's Fusiliers. Lt Kate Butler is determined to prove herself, but she is unprepared for a complicated romance.
Classic Holby City - Holding On
New. Rosie receives good news, but Mubbs does not seem interested, and Diane struggles to cope as Joanna's life hangs in the balance - along with that of her unborn baby.
The Bill - Solemn Song
Popular police drama series. Young is caught between two warring gangs and agrees to go undercover to help Thatcher nail the Radfords.
The Bill - Hope
Drama from Sun Hill. As Young places herself in serious danger, Thatcher plans to destroy Okaro's career. Ackland prepares for her wedding to Carver.
Classic EastEnders - Classic EastEnders
New. Clyde springs another surprise on Michelle.
Classic EastEnders - Classic EastEnders
New. Michelle starts arranging a way to get Clyde out of the country - but there's some unfinished business to sort out first.
Classic Casualty - Subject to Contract
A woman suffers serious pelvic injuries after being struck by a motorbike, and finds herself unable to donate bone marrow to her unwell daughter as planned.
Lovejoy - Members Only
Quirky drama with the antiques dealer. The local golf club closes ranks when Lovejoy discovers their prize cup is a fake, leading to Lady Jane's expulsion.
Bergerac - A Miracle Every Week
Drama with Jersey's top detective. A penniless Indian arrives on Jersey, claiming to be a faith healer. Soon Jim has to stop an attempt on the young man's life.
Bread - 08/03
After Butterflies, writer Carla Lane returned to her native Liverpool for this hugely popular family sitcom. Here, the Boswells receive a rather unwelcome visitor.
Are You Being Served? - Anything You Can Do
Good old-fashioned British comedy. When the standard of canteen food goes from bad to worse, the staff decide to run the canteen themselves.
As Time Goes By - White Hunter
Classic comedy. Lionel finishes his memoirs and his publisher reckons that the book really needs a picture of the author on its cover. But just what sort of picture?
Last of the Summer Wine - Happy Birthday Robin Hood
More senior silliness in the long-running sitcom. To celebrate the birthday of his famous ancestor, Robin Hood, Billy proudly wears a green suit.
Inspector George Gently - Gently Upside Down
The superb mystery series starring Martin Shaw and set in 1960s Northumberland. The body of a pop music-loving schoolgirl is found in Pinnock Woods.