Drama is a British free-to-air television channel broadcasting drama (and, to a lesser extent, comedy) programming in the United Kingdom and Ireland as part of the UKTV network of channels.

United Kingdom

TV guide - Sunday, 08/12/19

A Place to Call Home - Auld Lang Syne
Another visit to rural Australia in the popular period drama series. Elizabeth organises a formal party to show Sarah that she is out of her depth.
A Place to Call Home - No Other Love
Aussie period drama. On a high after the Swansons' party, George and Sarah are closer than ever, but Regina's bombshell means their happiness is short-lived.
Lorna Doone - Lorna Doone
The 2000 adaptation of RD Blackmore's tale of love, rivalry and revenge. Lorna is destined to marry her cousin, the violent Carver Doone, but falls in love with a farmer.
Soldier, Soldier - Leaving
Series three of the military drama concludes. As the regiment prepare to depart for Bosnia, the agony of separation is aggravated by the sense of imminent danger.
The Bill - Second Strike (Part 2)
Classic police drama. Best's brother is a wanted man following the shoot-out at the drug deal, but Gary begins to think that he has been manipulated.
The Bill - Jigsaw Puzzle
Action from the mean streets of Sun Hill. The heat is on Dunbar. Carver proposes to Ackland. Powell investigates a homophobic hate crime.
The Bill - Blind Detection
Iconic cop drama. Young is convinced that Kent is the serial rapist. Tait finally flips after frequent goading and attacks Kent.
The Bill - The Rapture
Police drama from Sun Hill. Another girl is missing, and Young has to report Kent if Tait's job is to be saved - but he decides that he has had enough.
Where The Heart Is - Friends in Need
New. As Vic and Lucy struggle with Peggy's death, life goes on at the health centre, where a man turns nasty when his wife refuses to continue her IVF treatment.
Where The Heart Is - Idle Hands
New. Tension mounts between Karen and Jacqui, and an elderly patient confides in Chris, while David comes to Henry's aid at Goddard's - much to Simon's displeasure.
Rosemary & Thyme - Up the Garden Path
Laura and Rosemary are called in to investigate when gardens entered for a village contest are attacked by a disease - and the reigning champion is found dead.
Call the Midwife - Call the Midwife
Popular drama series based on the memoirs of British nurse Jennifer Worth. Jenny needs all her skill as a midwife when she assists at the birth of a disabled baby.
Call the Midwife - Call the Midwife
Drama series based on Jennifer Worth's memoirs. A woman with eight children desperately seeks an alternative to having her ninth. The community prepares for the summer fete.
They Do it with Mirrors - They Do it with Mirrors
Feature-length episode with Joan Hickson as the lady sleuth. When an old friend of Miss Marple's invites her to stay, she meets an eccentric extended family.
Wallander - The Troubled Man
Kenneth Branagh's Swedish sleuth embarks on his final case in the crime drama series. Wallander investigates the disappearance of Linda's father-in-law.
Waking the Dead - Breaking Glass
Trevor Eve stars in another chilling mystery. A recovered-memory therapist alerts the CCS to a care home regime of sexual abuse and a possible murder.

TV guide - Monday, 09/12/19

The Naming of the Dead - The Naming of the Dead
Ken Stott stars as Ian Rankin's famous Scots detective in a compelling mystery. A politician is found dead beneath the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle.
Lorna Doone - Lorna Doone
Conclusion to the acclaimed 2000 adaptation of RD Blackmore's classic novel. John Ridd has saved Lorna from becoming Carver's bride, but will their love ever be safe?
House of Eliott - 02/06
Drama with the two sisters setting up their own fashion house in the Roaring Twenties. The Eliotts are presented with a stark choice when Tilly and Madge revolt.
Soldier, Soldier - Lost and Found
Attention! Another episode of the hit military drama. Fusilier 'Midnight' Rawlings becomes disenchanted with the army when he is refused permission to marry.
Soldier, Soldier - The Last Post
Popular military drama series. While the politicians decide on the future of the regiment, the King's Fusiliers prepare for a beach landing attack on the marines.
Classic Holby City - If You Can't Do the Time
New. Tom and Ed test Chrissie's loyalty as Zubin and Ric investigate the heart transplant incident - for which someone is going to have to take responsibility.
The Bill - Cause and Effect
Gritty police drama. Nixon fights against the clock to get a confession out of the suspect - and resorts to some unorthodox techniques.
The Bill - Bite the Bullet (Part 1)
A tense episode of the British cop drama. The bomb at the party creates devastation. Powell begins to question his ability to be a copper.
Classic EastEnders - Classic EastEnders
New. Grant has reservations about abandoning his holiday with Sharon at the last minute, but is determined to show he puts her wishes first.
Classic EastEnders - Classic EastEnders
New. Arthur Fowler was never too happy as Pete Beale billeted on his family, but is Arthur's life going to get any better without him?
Classic Casualty - Castles in the Air
On New Year's Eve, Jude finds her locker broken into and all her credit cards and money taken. Daniel gets himself into Mike's bad books for queue-hopping a patient.
Lovejoy - Scotch on the Rocks
Drama series with the wily antiques dealer. Lovejoy buys a coveted ancient Scottish sword, which leads to another exciting find buried under a supermarket.
Bergerac - Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie
Nostalgic 80s adventure with the Jersey cop trying to stay off the sauce. Charlie Hungerford's foray into politics poses problems, including murder.
Bread - 07/09
Liverpudlian sitcom from Carla Lane, the writer of Butterflies, The Liver Birds and Solo. Here, Mrs Boswell is concerned about Grandad, and Aveline is desperate for work.
Are You Being Served? - Strong Stuff, This Insurance
Grace Bros arrange a group insurance scheme for staff, but to get the best deal they all have to become fit for the medical examination.
As Time Goes By - Copper Kettle
Geoffrey Palmer and Judi Dench together as ill-starred, middle-aged lovers. Lionel invites Jean out for the day to Buckinghamshire, where they spent time in the 50s.
Last of the Summer Wine - All of a Florrie
Sitcom that's been raising laughs since 1973. An acquaintance from Truly's past turns up with amorous intentions. Starring Frank 'Are You Being Served?' Thornton.
The Brokenwood Mysteries - Dead and Buried
New. Mike and the team are reacquainted with some familiar faces when investigating a suspicious suicide at the Brokenwood Women's Prison.