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TV guide - Saturday, 14/12/19

Sign Zone: Seven Worlds, One Planet
This is BBC Two
Top Class
Blue PeterIMDB 6.5/10

Children's entertainment show featuring games, interviews and lots of fun!
The Amelia Gething Complex
The Amelia Gething Complex
Deadly 60 on a Mission / Deadly 60IMDB 8.3/10

Tinker Bell: Pirate Fairy / The Pirate FairyIMDB 6.7/10

When Zarina steals Pixie Hollow's Blue Pixie Dust and flies away, Tinker Bell and her friends sets on a journey to get them back.
Robot WarsIMDB 7.4/10

Robot Wars is a national knockout competition to find the toughest, most advanced fighting robots in the country. In this fast paced series, competing teams of amateur robot designers build...
Snow Babies / UniversumIMDB 8.6/10

Snow Babies takes viewers on a magical journey around the world to reveal how young animals learn to survive the hardest season.
MasterChef: The ProfessionalsIMDB 7.8/10

Competetive cooking show featuring professional chefs.
MasterChef: The ProfessionalsIMDB 7.8/10

Competetive cooking show featuring professional chefs.
Nigella's Christmas TableIMDB 7.2/10

Best House in Town
Today three detached properties in St Albans compete to be chosen for the Friday final of the Best House in Town. An ultra-modern family home, a country lodge given a new lease of life, and a 1970s house updated for the 21st century.
Back in Time for ChristmasIMDB 7.8/10

Back in Time for ChristmasIMDB 7.8/10

Nativity!IMDB 6.4/10

A teacher is put in charge of his primary school's musical version of the Nativity. They are competing with a local posh school to be the best-reviewed show in town, but are put under even more pressure when the teacher brags that his ex-girlfriend, who is a Hollywood producer, is coming to watch the show and is thinking of turning it into a film. But he hasn't actually spoken to his ex in years.
Reindeer Family and Me
This Christmas, wildlife cameraman, Gordon Buchanan is travelling to the frozen north, deep inside the Arctic Circle, to meet the ancient Sami people and the animals they hold so close; reindeer. Known as "the reindeer people", the Sami were traditionally nomadic, relying on their precious animals to help them survive the Arctic's harsh winters. Gordon will live with a Sami family in Finnish Lapland to experience their unique culture and to learn about their special bond with reindeer. Gordon will work to earn the trust of his own reindeer companion before leaving behind his adopted family and setting off alone into this land of ice and snow. With only his reindeer to guide him, but armed with the knowledge of his hosts, Gordon wants to immerse himself in this frozen wilderness and attempt to witness the natural phenomenon the Sami most revere; the magical northern lights.
Attenborough and the Giant DinosaurIMDB 7.9/10

David Attenborough tells the story of the discovery and reconstruction in Argentina of the world's largest-known dinosaur, a new species of titanosaur. Measuring 37m long - close to four London buses put end to end - and weighing 70 metric tons, it now holds the record as the biggest animal ever to walk the earth. In 2014, a shepherd spotted the tip of a gigantic fossil bone sticking out of a rock in the Argentinian desert. Palaeontologists soon uncovered a 2.4m long thigh bone , the largest ever found. By the end of the dig they had uncovered more than 220 bones, which all belong to a new species of the giant plant-eating titanosaur. The documentary follows the twists and turns of this forensic investigation. Attenborough witnesses the uncovering and examination of these stupendous fossils and the construction of the complete skeleton. Using state-of-the-art graphics, the film also reveals the internal secrets of this dinosaur and what it means to be a giant.
Rod Stewart: Reel Stories
How do you go from Rod The Mod to Sir Roderick Stewart? Dermot O'Leary sits down with the man himself to find out. From Abbey Road to the Albert Hall, Motown to Maggie May - Dermot takes Rod back to his childhood cinema to relive moments from a career spanning six decades. In previous episodes Reel Stories has taken a front row seat with Kylie Minogue and Noel Gallagher, but this time we're going all the way back to the swinging sixties.
ImagineIMDB 6.8/10

Arts documentary series.
Rod Stewart Live at Hyde Park

TV guide - Sunday, 15/12/19

Just JimIMDB 5.8/10

Dark comedy drama about a teenage loner who gets a crash course in cool from his charismatic, quiff-tastic, new American neighbour Dean. But as his street cred and love life improve, Jim finds that popularity comes at a price.
The Name of the RoseIMDB 7.1/10

Year 1327. Brother William of Baskerville reaches an isolated Benedictine abbey in the Alps, accompanied by Adso, a young Benedictine novice. The abbey, at their arrival, immediately appears as a disturbing place. The murder of the monk Adelmo starts an intricate series of criminal events that involve, one by one, the monks of the abbey.
This is BBC Two
Celebrity Antiques Road TripIMDB 6.7/10

Two celebrity friends become rivals as they buy antiques in a bid to make the most profit at auction. A classic car allows them to detour and explore Britain's rich history.
The Instant GardenerIMDB 6.2/10

Around the World in 80 GardensIMDB 8.0/10

CountryfileIMDB 7.0/10

Secrets of the British countryside, ranging from farming, food and environmental issues to the daily trials and tribulation of the rural life.
Saturday Kitchen Best Bites
Relive the best moments of James Martin's Saturday Kitchen.
Rick Stein's Secret France
Tron: Legacy / TR2NIMDB 6.8/10

Sci-fi action, starring Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde. Sam Flynn is haunted by the disappearance of his video-game developer father Kevin. When he is drawn by a strange signal to Flynn's Arcade, he tumbles into the cyberworld in which his dad, who created it, has been trapped for 20 years. Teaming up with a fearless female warrior, the trio battle to find a way home.
MasterChef: The ProfessionalsIMDB 7.8/10

Competetive cooking show featuring professional chefs.
The Hairy Bikers Home for Christmas
Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger!IMDB 5.4/10

Comedy, with David Tennant and Marc Wootton. A teacher struggles to cope with the demands of both his pregnant wife and his students entering a festive song contest.
Inside the Christmas FactoryIMDB 8.2/10

Top GearIMDB 8.7/10

Long-running British factual series featuring everything car-related. The series regularly features long-distance races where one of the presenters drives a car against other forms of transport; challenges and short stunt films, typically based on absurd premises; car-related interviews of celebrities; and power laps.
Dragons' DenIMDB 6.9/10

Borg Vs Mcenroe / Borg vs. McEnroeIMDB 7.0/10